Your sparring partner and supplier in security

We take our role as professional sparring partner and reliable supplier for our customers very seriously. This role has given Petersen-Bach A/S a position as the leading supplier of systems for the protection of cash and the creation of security through surveillance.

Our company possesses considerable expertise in security systems. Most of our 32 employees are engineers, service technicians, and installers. Our employees are kept up-to-date with the latest technology in asset protection.

Our employees are certified in their relevant professional areas to carry out installations and service of security systems. 

Petersen-Bach A/S was one of the first companies in the security sector to achieve ISO 9001 quality certification by the Danish Trade Organisation for Safety and Security. 

Flat organisation ensures quick action

We take pride in having a flat organisation and stable employees. This creates stable relationships with our customers, because each customer has their own contact person, who is familiar with the customer’s systems.

Our flat organisation means short decision processes. This ensures quick action when we are asked to plan systems or develop new products in accordance with customer requirements.

Our employees work well as a team across the whole organisation of our company.

In 2004, Petersen-Bach A/S established an office in Stuttgart in Germany to strengthen the company’s position in the European market.