40 years as a frontrunner in security

From its beginnings more than 40 years ago, Petersen-Bach A/S has focused on security and surveillance solutions for banks. So the company has always been a frontrunner in photo surveillance, video surveillance, and the development of systems to protect cash with staining.

2017     100 % of the shares are acquired by the Egsgaard Group (HAE-holding)

2012    The company is certified as a system integrator for BRSLabs intelligent video software “AISight”.

            Launch of the PB Drop Safe system for cash handling.

2011    The company is certified as a system integrator for Avigilon video surveillance systems.

2009    The company becomes ISO 9001 certified in access control (AC) systems.

2007    The company becomes ISO 9001 certified in automatic intrusion alarm (AIA) systems.

2006    The PB cash ATM system is extended with an end-to-end solution, in which the cash is protected all the way from the cash centre until it is inside the ATM machine.

2005    The company becomes ISO 9001 certified installer of video surveillance systems.

2004    Petersen-Bach A/S establishes its own office in Germany: PB Niederlassung Stuttgart.

2003    The company becomes an authorised agent for Lenel OnGuard® – the world’s leading system in building surveillance.

2002    The company launches and installs the PB ATM security system with the first customers in Denmark.

2002    Petersen-Bach A/S is listed by the Danish newspaper Børsen as a gazelle company after several years’ documented growth.

2001    Petersen-Bach A/S moves into its new headquarters at Engholm Parkvej 6, 3450 Allerød in November.

2000    The company lays the basis for continued growth by starting the building of a new and future-oriented headquarters in an attractive industrial area in Allerød.

1998    Petersen-Bach A/S develops and markets the company’s first Cash-in-Transit system.

1996    As a nationwide player in the security market, Petersen-Bach A/S establishes a new headquarters in Gydevang in Allerød near Copenhagen. 

Over the next five years, Petersen-Bach A/S multiplies its turnover and increases its share of the security market. In the same period, the number of employees rises dramatically.

1992    Petersen-Bach A/S replaces photo surveillance with the latest video technology in the area.

1992    The first dye pac system for the protection of cash is introduced to the financial sector.

1979    Petersen-Bach A/S installs the first photo surveillance system in Denmark.

1976    Jens Petersen-Bach founds the company in Bjerringbro in Jutland in Denmark.