The number of robberies has fallen in recent years as banks, CIT companies and retail shops have introduced new technology to protect their cash. This is shown in police statistics, which in this way give evidence of the preventative effect.

Petersen-Bach A/S is Denmark’s leading supplier of systems and equipment for cash protection, and we have 30 years’ experience as consultants and suppliers for banks and CIT companies.

Cash protection from Petersen-Bach A/S is based on the latest technology and is tailored to the individual customer’s requirements.

Our R&D department designs and develops cases and boxes for the safekeeping and transport of cash. We supply systems that will mark cash with colour if an attempt is made to break into or cut open the cases or boxes.

Petersen-Bach A/S’s security system for ATM machines combines protection and user-friendliness in one system. We have made sure that the system is easy and safe to use – even in stressed situations.

Our systems live up to some tough demands in relation to security, reliability, user-friendliness, ergonomics, and environment considerations. This has been documented in tests by independent test centres and experts.

This means we can create security for your company’s assets.