Security for ATM cassettes

ATM machines need special security management. So Petersen-Bach A/S has developed an advanced and thoroughly thought-out “end-to-end” solution that covers the whole process from packing at the cash centre and during transport in the CIT vehicle to the cassette exchange the ATM machine.

The Petersen-Bach A/S Security system for ATM machines consists of specially developed protection modules that fit the ATM-standard cassettes in ATM machines.

The modules are easy to use and the effective protection stops all access to the bank notes in transit or while the cassettes are being positioned in the ATM machine.

User-friendly and reliable

Our “end-to-end” solution for ATM machines has been developed and constructed from the best possible components, making it extremely reliable.

Like our other systems, it has been developed with considerable attention to ergonomics and the environment. The modules are light and easy to handle and the colouring uses only environmentally-approved substances.

In a recent international test covering more than 60 points, our products achieved top place for design and robustness.