Safekeeping and transport of cash


Petersen-Bach A/S is Denmark’s main supplier of equipment for the safekeeping and transport of cash. Our customers include the biggest banks and CIT companies in the country.


We have developed a large range of cases and containers to meet every conceivable requirement for safekeeping and transport. We supply cases and containers with security systems that colour the bank notes with ink and thereby making them of no value to the criminal.


On behalf of our customers, we demanded a lot of these products:

  • User-friendliness
    • Cases and containers are simple and user-friendly to use, and give a feeling of security even in stressed situations
  • Ergonomics
    • Cases are easy to handle in an ergonomically correct way. They have been developed, tested and approved in collaboration with work-environment consultants and occupational therapists in banks
  • Environmental considerations
    • We use only documented environmentally-approved substances for colouring with ink and smoke
  • Robust design
    • Cases and containers are robust and designed for long-term reliable use. When it comes to ergonomics and the environment, we are happy to go beyond the requirements of the law and listen to those who use the products.
  • Independent testing of the products
    • Security products from Petersen-Bach A/S are regularly tested and compared with products from other suppliers.

We also have regular surveys carried out on our products by recognised opinion poll companies.