Energy supply and water treatment

Companies involved in energy supply, energy distribution and water treatment can be spread out over a large geographical area. This is especially the case in large local authorities and towns.

To secure and protect buildings, assets and people, it is therefore necessary to have a total overview, from the farthest building in the local authority area to the head office. However, it is equally important that the security systems installed by an energy or utility company are reliable.

A failure or breakdown in the security system for water supply can have catastrophic consequences if it results in illegal entry, vandalism or terror.

Security from wells to the head office

Petersen-Bach A/S can document its thorough knowledge of the energy and utility sector. Our security deliveries include all types of building security and surveillance, from the head office and decentralised departments and buildings to surveillance of distant pump wells spread out over a large geographical area. With Petersen-Bach A/S as supplier, your energy and utility company has the guarantee of an expert and reliable business partner.