More than 30 years’ collaboration with the financial sector

Petersen-Bach A/S can document its thorough knowledge of the sector with more than 30 years’ experience as a supplier of security solutions to banks and financial companies in Denmark and Germany. The technology we use in this sector is tried and tested, and it provides peace of mind to the companies and their employees. In the course of our long collaboration with the sector, we have supplied many types of security solutions in the fields of access control, video surveillance and cash protection. 

Banks and handling money 

The protection of assets and the safety of staff are two of the most important aims of banks and other companies in the financial sector. Petersen-Bach A/S has supplied security solutions to financial companies since the end of the 1970s.

Assets and people

Banks run a special risk of being the target for attempts at robbery and burglary. This requires a particular focus on security. Not only the bank’s money, but also its employees must be covered by the security solution, and it is important that the employees feel safe in their everyday work.

If a bank is unfortunate enough to be robbed, the technical security systems must rapidly and reliably register and trace the event.