A dynamic working day – and night

Many manufacturing companies are active almost 24 hours a day. Many run shifts, with an evening or night shift. Freight vehicles drive in and out of storage facilities, often early in the morning or late at night.

All in all a very dynamic working day that puts great demands on security systems. They must provide high security and yet be flexible so that they do not restrict the company’s activities.

The international company

Many manufacturing and research companies are a part of an international concern. The headquarters might be in Denmark and the company might have many sales and production units spread all over the world. Alternatively, the Danish company might be a subsidiary or department with contact to a head office abroad.

Security solutions that cross borders

A lack of compatibility between the security systems in the various locations often makes life difficult for an international manufacturing or research company. With a coherent and uniform security system, the concern can achieve a coherent personnel database for all access cards. So a representative from head office can easily get access to the Danish office, because the access card he already has gives him access through the doors of the Danish premises. 

In the same way, a central security centre can monitor alarms and video recordings from the various offices in other countries. If an evacuation becomes necessary due to disturbances in unstable countries, it is easy to do a search to find out who has gone into which offices over for example the last 24 hours.

Petersen-Bach A/S has many years’ experience of planning and installing security solutions for manufacturing companies, from small local companies to large international concerns.