The IT sector – dynamic and changeable

Many IT companies have fluid organisations. , often forming regional groups. Large-scale IT projects mean that IT companies often change their organisational structure and form new project teams across different locations to create the right team for a given project. This also challenges their security systems, because the systems have to be geared to keep up with the organisational changes.

Locations and offices come and go

In the IT sector, large IT projects often require bringing the whole of the company’s organisation into play. There is often a requirement for new temporary offices in newly acquired premises or short-term lets. 

Again, it is important that the security systems, and in particular the access control system, can be scaled up and down when new buildings are taken into use or others stop being used. The same is true of company acquisitions and mergers, which occur very frequently in the IT sector, and which often mean that security systems have to be merged and the access control system gets extended internationally as well as to regional and local offices.

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