Local authorities, public bodies and hospitals

In recent years, public sector buildings and institutions have become more exposed to dangers. This means that security systems now play an important role in creating peace of mind in the public arena and in documenting incidents.

Public buildings

The local authorities in Denmark own a large number of buildings and localities, ranging from the town hall itself to the kindergarten in the smallest community. There is a large and complex building infrastructure to be secured and monitored, and the number of local authority employees is often very high, which also puts demands on the personnel database used to manage employees’ access cards.

A coherent and integrated security system is a great advantage for installations of this size, because one system handles all kinds of alarm (fire, burglary, CCTV, access control, etc.) from all the buildings owned by the local authority. Again it is important that the local authority employees feel safe, since public bodies and offices are often exposed targets.

Hospitals and the health service

Security in hospitals and in the health service in general is focused on protecting patients, preventing burglary and theft of assets and medicine, and on having effective security contingency plans in the event of fire. This puts heavy demands on security systems. In particular, the registration of the course of events and alarms, e.g. in the case of fire, is extremely important.

Petersen-Bach A/S has carried out many different security installations in both local authorities (town halls, localities and offices) and hospitals.