Petersen-Bach A/S – Expertise and quality in first place

To achieve an effective and reliable security solution, security systems need to be tailored to the individual customer's particular situation. That is why it is so important to use a professional supplier like Petersen-Bach A/S, with more than 30 years’ experience and considerable expertise in the field of security. For example, we advise consultant engineers, building contractors, local authorities, and others involved in planning building projects.

Our long collaboration with companies in the ‘high risk’ category has meant that at Petersen-Bach A/S we also have many years of collaboration with both the Police and the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET).

A high degree of professionalism and a standardised quality assurance process are given priority at Petersen-Bach A/S, so all our project staff are certified for the system platforms and technologies with which we work. In a similar vein, we follow a well-worked-out quality assurance process that supports our operations and projects, all the way from sale to finished installation and service.

We are inspected to the quality standard ISO 9001 with the accredited certification body Intertek and certified by the Danish Trade Organisation for Safety and Security for video surveillance systems, automatic intrusion alarms and access control systems.

Scalable solutions tailored to budget and needs

When choosing a security concept and strategy, it is vital that these are thought out in terms of the company as a whole. In that way, security will support the company’s everyday activities and organisation, and not restrict them.

Scalability is also important in the choice of solutions, so that the concept of security can keep up with the dynamic development that a modern company experiences today, across departments, locations and international presence. And last, but definitely just as important, the price and on-going costs must be in proportion to the advantages gained. Here it is important to base the choice on overall and long-term considerations so as to achieve an optimal TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). 

Petersen-Bach selects only technology suppliers whose technology and product range can live up to these requirements. This allows us to carry out security installations of all sizes, and we can create a security solution that fits the individual customer’s budget and requirements, irrespective of the company’s size and composition. 

A package of skills – from planning to commissioning

When considering any future security project, we recommend that the installation of surveillance and security systems should be taken into account right from the start of the planning phase.

In overall terms, the solution should be designed to take into account the company’s everyday operations, its strategy and its development. This gives economies in the form of appropriate lay-out, cabling for security components, and a user-friendly and flexible design that supports everyday activities.

Petersen-Bach A/S can take on the role of supplying everything to do with security – from the idea stage to final delivery and service. We have the experience and expertise to advise on security for people, buildings and areas. Moreover, we have the resources to carry out all the planning, installation and commissioning of even major security systems ourselves.

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