Integrated security

In recent years, security technology has advanced rapidly in the direction of modern IT platforms like those we are familiar with in other IT and business systems. In the world of security, there is intense focus on creating security systems that are platform-based, i.e. a single system that includes a number of functions that can be selected as needed, while the platform itself is based on open IT and data standards. 

This is a radical departure from a proprietary system philosophy, in which every system works within its own "bunker" of data and user interfaces. Instead, a common system philosophy is achieved, which makes installation, tailoring and user interfaces simpler and faster – making it realistically possible to cut operating and maintenance costs.

If the requirement is very simple, e.g. with only one kind of security, a stand-alone security system, such as CCTV, may well be the perfect solution. However, customers usually need at least two kinds of security, e.g. CCTV and access control, where it is clearly an advantage to go for an integrated security platform.

This security platform can integrate security applications such as: 

  • AC: Access control
  • CCTV: Video surveillance 
  • ABA: Automatic setting of burglary alarm 
  • AFA integration: Automatic fire alarm integration

All the associated security applications are configured and maintained on a single IT platform and the infrastructure between servers, user clients, video cameras and control units is usually IP based.

The platform stores all standard configurations in the same database, and all alarms and events go to the same alarm log display. This is one of the great strengths of a platform-based solution. In an investigation, you may need documentation for events in a given building. A simple user operation displays the recorded video images associated with a specific alarm event (e.g. an access card rejected by a card reader). 

A simple user operation can obtain supporting evidence of events and triggered alarms from a wide range of standard reports, which are easy to send by e-mail in PDF format. 

The integrated security platform is a very open system accommodating a broad selection of IT hardware and supporting current open software standards. Communication and data exchange take place via standard integration modules that are also based on open data protocols. 

This facilitates data exchange with HR databases and other relevant business systems, such as CTS (building automatic systems).

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