Security against intrusion

For most companies, the intrusion alarm is an important part of a building’s security. It must not only give a high degree of security, but also be flexible and easy to use on a normal daily basis. Assets in the form of products or research material, as well as the building and employees, are protected against illegal entry.

Easy everyday operation

Every now and again one sees companies that have not integrated the intrusion alarm with access control. This can result in a lot of false alarms, when employees switch the intrusion alarm on or off because they start work early or stay late.

With an integrated system that includes both access control and intrusion alarm, the intrusion alarm can be controlled in a simple and automatic way. It can be switched on, for example, by registering the use of an access card or when there is no movement in a room or building zone.

Choosing the right solution

Perhaps you need a stand-alone intrusion alarm system directly connected to a security centre. Or you may want an integrated solution in which the intrusion alarm is combined with access control and video surveillance, any of which can alert the security centre. In either case, we will be able to give you the right advice and successfully implement your project thanks to our many years’ experience of completing installations.