User-friendliness in focus

Avigilon has enormous focus on user-friendliness and not least the speed of the operating software used to show pictures and operate the cameras. Everything is designed to be intuitive and simple. For example, the cameras can be positioned exactly where you want them to show on a split screen using the mouse to drag and drop, and they quickly come with a picture.

The user has full control over the cameras and recordings can be played at different speeds both forwards and backwards. An area can be marked in the picture and the program can then zoom in on this segment. Alternatively, you can simply use the mouse to zoom in and out. Both right and left mouse buttons can be used, giving various operating options. The scroll function can also be used to scale the time line shown at the bottom of the screen. The time line enables the user to find a particular time in the recording quickly.

With PTZ cameras, the speed at which the camera moves in response to the joystick or mouse is adjustable. This makes it easy to pan quickly from one point to another or to give the camera exact pre-set positions.

When there are new updates from Avigilon, the system automatically asks whether you want to update your software. Updates are free and accessible via the Internet.

Searching recordings

The program’s search function has a number of different features that can help you find a particular camera sequence quickly and efficiently. Results come immediately and in a clear layout, even when the search is over a considerable time period.

Video sequences from several cameras can be exported out of the system together using an Avigilon player, so that the police for example can easily look through the video material.

The export function can automatically adjust the size of the file to fit, for example, a standard DVD or CD-ROM, and the number of pictures per second can also be reduced to limit the space requirement to fit the storage medium.

User clients and web-interface

The operating software comes both as ordinary client software and as a web-based client run via a standard web browser. The web-based client has the same functions and facilities as the standard client software.

Moreover, you can use iPhone®, iPad® and android units to display camera pictures and operate your Avigilon surveillance system cameras via Wi-Fi or 3G.

Avigilon cameras

Avigilon designs and makes its own high-quality cameras. The standard versions include fixed box cameras and fixed dome cameras with resolutions from 1 MP to 5 MP. Several different data compression technologies are available, including the new H3 Platform, which gives an even better compression with the H.264 standard. The latest high mega-pixel cameras from Avigilon go up to 29 MP. They give a high degree of detail in the video image and can used to advantage for monitoring large areas such as car parks or stadiums.

Contact Petersen-Bach A/S to learn more about our experience with Avigilon, and how Avigilon can increase the quality of your video data and make operating and searching a lot easier for users.