The Belgian company Barco started in 1934 with the production of radios.

Down the decades, Barco developed monitors and screen systems, and it specialised in products aimed at sectors like the health service, the armed services and the aerospace industry. 

Today, Barco is a market leader in digital cinema systems, video walls and lighting systems.

Control room solutions

In building surveillance or the control and monitoring of production hall, it is essential to have a good overview, if you want to be able to give an optimal service and get the most out of the information from the many systems that make up a company’s working day.

Whether it is a matter of video surveillance and building security or the control of production processes, many control rooms today have several screens where each screen shows various systems for daily operations.

Often these screens are not of uniform quality and are not designed to display 24/7. Apart from giving a messy impression and making it difficult to get an overall overview, this can also be a strain on the eyes of the operator over the course of a whole working day. It is also difficult for the many screens, each with their own display, to present the sum of their information in relation to the context and situation faced by the control room at any particular time. 

Screens and the Barco screen controller

Barco’s screen and display products are designed specifically for use in the control room. They have a quality and working life far exceeding the flat screens we know as private consumers.

Barco’s screens are designed to show pictures over many hours of non-stop operation. Many of Barco’s screens are designed so they can be put together, for example in a block of four screens. The display goes from “edge to edge”, so this means that the screen’s physical cabinet is just a few millimetres thick.

In this way, several screens together can make up one large screen (video wall) and perform as one single display. The screens come in several variations with different characteristics.

Barco’s screen controller

Barco’s screen controller consists of a server with the add-on card necessary for the connection of analogue video cameras via a video matrix. The screen controller can show up to 36 different network sources on the screen at the same time. These sources can be controlled by means of Barco’s CMS (Control room Management Software).

In principle, the sources can be many different systems and units, e.g. PCs with application software you want shown on-screen, SCADA systems, the building’s automatic systems, video cameras, websites, etc. As long as it is a network-based system (IP network) the CMS software can be configured to show the source’s display or video images.

Barco’s CMS software is installed on the screen controller. The CMS is used to design what the screen/video wall layout should look like. The screen layout can consist of one or several perspectives, each of which can consist of several sources. The sources can be video from camera surveillance, displays from PCs, websites, TV or any other graphical information.

Using CMS and based on the sources, it is possible to design a number of different perspectives that can be activated manually by the security staff or by the alarm system. The screen area can be divided up into any number of fields of the size desired, so that every perspective has the appearance that suits its purpose. The large screen area gives ample scope for creating functional perspectives.

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