Intelligent video – Behaviour analysis and alarm when behaviour is abnormal

Since 2005, when BRSLabs was founded, the American software supplier has revolutionised the concept of “Intelligent Video” and they have already won recognition and several awards for their innovative Intelligent Video software, “AISight”. 

BRSLabs has developed the world’s first genuinely behaviour-based video analysis system: AISight.

The AISight software can be installed on already-existing video cameras and will either interface directly with the camera’s video stream or with the existing VMS (Video Management System), in products such as Avigilon or Milestone.

The big difference between rule-based video systems and AISight is that, over a period of time, AISight learns what is normal (i.e. repeated) motion and behaviour in the video image and will give an alarm on the basis of divergences from the normal picture.

Intelligent video – rule-based

The concept of “Intelligent Video”, in which a video camera system is given a rule-set for when movement in a video image should trigger an alarm and alert security personnel, is not new.

For many years now, thermal cameras with “motion detection” and a configuration of “cross lines” have been able to detect particular movements and divergences in the video image. These solutions are called “rule-based” systems.

The problem with rule-based video systems is that it is quite complicated to configure rules for when the intelligent alarm should be triggered.

For example, if a thermal camera records the view over an open grass area, it is almost impossible to configure rules that will detect a human being moving across the area, as distinct from a dog, a flock of birds, or high grass swaying in the wind.

Rule-based video systems are still good systems when used for the right purposes.

How does AISight work?

AISight is based on a patented analysis system that analyses movement in the picture and remembers the patterns in this movement. When a new pattern of movement occurs that differs from the movements AISight has “remembered”, this is seen as abnormal behaviour.

Such divergence triggers a system alarm, which is either shown in AISight’s user interface or the interface of the existing VMS (Video Management System), for example Avigilon, Axis or Milestone.

It does not take long to install AISight and to configure its connection with the video cameras. Once installed, AISight immediately begins to analyse and save the behaviour in the video image. It is perfectly possible to have connections to several cameras and save the movement captured by each camera in its own separate memory in AISight.

The whole idea with AISight is that rules do not need to be configured. The system learns the patterns of movement itself, right from the beginning. AISight will be able to give alarms about abnormal behaviour or movement in the video image after a just few hours.

Examples where AISight could be used:

  • Traffic: Monitoring a critical road where the aim is to get alarms in the event of careless driving or accidents. The normal picture is that the traffic always moves in one direction in one lane and the opposite direction in the other. AISight learns and remembers this normal behaviour. If a driver suddenly does a U-turn, or if two or more cars crash into each other, or if there are pedestrians or cyclists on the road, AISight will automatically give an alarm warning.
  • Trains: To prevent violence and vandalism, AISight has been installed in a number of cameras on a section of platform. An episode occurs, in which a group of people are involved in a disturbance and someone is pushed down onto the track. AISight registers the disturbance and a person on the track as abnormal behaviour, so it triggers the alarm and the security personnel are able to take rapid action.

AISight can be of considerable benefit in a large number of situations, whether it is a matter of raising the alarm in a situation that has become critical or a matter of helping security personnel who have difficulty in keeping an eye on a large number of video cameras all the time.

AISight will be able make monitoring work easier for the security personnel, who will be alerted when there is an abnormal situation – instead of having to keep a constant eye on the video image on their screens.

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