The market’s leading card reader technology

As the leading manufacturer of physical access control technology, HID Global has set the standard for the development of card readers, which are among the most innovative technological products on the market today.

With their high quality and lifetime guarantee, HID card readers are among the most reliable products on the market and are used all over the world by companies and in buildings with the highest security requirements.

HID Global has such a wide range of card readers and access cards that it can support almost every chipset technology available on the market. In this connection, chipset technology means the encryption and data communication that takes place between the card reader and the access card. The latest versions of HID card readers support several different chipset technologies in the same card reader, which means that the end-user can replace old access cards with new HID access cards with higher security encryption without having to change card readers.

And the card readers are so robust in design and construction that HID Global are able to offer a lifetime guarantee on them. A standard HID card reader (for indoor use) is the same type of card reader as those installed outdoors and can withstand environments with temperatures from -35° to 65°C.

At a time when threats are constantly changing and the risk of card readers being hacked or jammed is increasing, HID Global’s top priority is security.

That is why HID is right on the leading edge of developments in chipset encryption that increase security and reduce the risk of unauthorised penetration.

HID Global is also leading the development of new ways of using access control.

The next few years will see the introduction of card readers that can interact with smartphones via NFC and Bluetooth, and the use of Biometrics via smartphones (such as iris scan, finger prints, etc.) in access control systems.

Already today, HID Global can provide innovative solutions with HID Mobile Access. This makes it possible for a smartphone with the HID Access App to use Secure Identity ObjectTM (SIO) encryption and Bluetooth communication to the card reader to gain simple and very secure access, with no need for a traditional access card.

As an HID Gold Partner with more than 30 years’ experience in security solutions, Petersen-Bach can offer consultation and innovative solutions using HID Global’s wide range of products. Contact us to find out more about the options available.