Integrated security platform 

Lenel OnGuard® is the world’s leading software for security and surveillance. The system has been awarded prizes for reliability, functionality and user-friendliness.

Moreover, the system communicates openly with hardware and software, so it can be combined with other systems and components that are based on open standards. This means that it can easily be combined with HR-databases and other relevant company systems, such as CTS and MES.

Lenel OnGuard® is the world’s most popular integrated security system. Systems have been installed in companies and institutions all over the world, including the US Army and global corporations like Microsoft and Cisco. Some of these installations have several thousand card readers, cameras, alarm points, etc. and have more than a hundred thousand users.

Keeping up with developments

Lenel has a staff of over 200 engineers who are constantly developing and improving the systems. No other surveillance systems are so technologically advanced, and every year Lenel sends out updates to the software. For one thing, this is necessary in order to keep up with developments in security products and to make use of the continuing improvement in camera picture quality.

The security system, Lenel OnGuard®, uses either a Microsoft or an Oracle SQL-database that runs on a standard IT platform. You are free to use your existing computer network or you can let Petersen-Bach A/S supply and install a network dedicated to the security installation.

Flexible and future-proofed

Lenel OnGuard® communicates via an IP-network, so it does not matter how far each of the local parts are from each other.

The system consists of modules and each application has all the functionality needed to fulfil the individual company requirements. The cost of the licence depends on the number of cameras, card-readers and other contact points as well as the scope and complexity of the system.

We always install full versions of systems, with access to the functions controlled by the licence agreement. This means that the system can be extended as the company develops simply by extending the licence agreement.

Contact Petersen-Bach A/S to learn more about our many years’ experience with LENEL and how an integrated network-based security platform can give your company high security combined with flexibility and a modern user interface.