Battery-driven alarm unit with GSM communication

Petersen-Bach A/S has developed an electronic unit designed to be able to send alarms via the GSM net. Battery-driven, the unit has an internal battery with a working life of up to five years.

The unit also has a GPS sender that can send information on location and movement, and movement sensors that give an alarm if jolted.

The unit also has a number of digital and analogue input and output channels that can be configured to send an alarm via GSM.

When an alarm is sent via GSM, it is received by an alarm and tracing system we have developed ourselves. This is a user interface as well as a database for storing alarms. The system can be connected to the other systems such as SCADA, CTS, access control systems, security control rooms, etc.

The telemetry unit can for example be used in the energy sector, where it can be installed in pump wells and check that there is no unauthorised access to the well and that the well cover is not vandalised (jolting).

The telemetry unit is an effective and attractively priced solution for surveillance of distant equipment or buildings where there perhaps is no mains power or network available.

Contact Petersen-Bach A/S for an open dialogue on how the PB telemetry unit can be used for surveillance and alarm via GSM.