Reliable perimeter security

Senstar supplies perimeter security and has nearly 30 years’ experience with products and solutions for detecting unauthorised traffic near perimeters or critical areas.

Senstar specialises in the detection of events and movements via sensors that can interface with the platform of a company’s central security system, e.g. an access control system.

Buried perimeter sensor

The product Omnitrax from Senstar is a secure and very reliable way of creating “invisible” perimeter security.

Omnitrax is a sensor cable that is buried underground and configured into various alarm zones using its controller. In the event of an alarm (unauthorised traffic in an area), it reports where in the area (where along the cable) movement has been detected.

The Omnitrax sensor cable can have a maximum length of 800 metres and will report where a movement is detected within a tolerance of +/- 1 metre.

Omnitrax can also be configured in relation to the soil and vegetation it is buried in, so that uniform detection is achieved along the whole length of the cable.

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