Our CIT cases safeguard your cash in transit from theft and protect your staff from the risk of violence between secure areas. They are simple and easy to use and keep your staff safe, even in stressful situations. Our cases were designed, tested and approved in collaboration with occupational therapists and working environment specialists. In addition, the cases are certified by the German VGB. They are sturdy yet made of the newest lightweight materials. When it comes to ergonomics and environment, we like to go one step further than the official requirements out of consideration for daily users.

PB CIT 2400 Case

PB CIT 2400 Case is available with a rack mountable in vehicle or safe area. The case is designed for walking transport mode and a.o. protected with handle sensors.

PB CIT 2410 Case

As the known above PB CIT 2400 Case, but this works also with the PB DropSafe system. PB CIT 2410 Case is emptied straight in the Deposit system that has been mounted in the CIT-vehicle and can be reused immediately. This way PB Drop Safe system replaces a large number of cases.

PB CIT 2420 Air Case

This security case has the same security features as the PB CIT 2400 case, but has been specially designed for and adapted to air transport.

PB CIT 2440 Deposit Case

The PB CIT 2440 Deposit Case with note drop is a fully automatic, small, and cost effective ink protection solution that fits in the CIT-transporter's standard rack. Deposit cash during collection straight into the case.

SCL Case

Our SCL case has been designed for use in the retail business. It can be stored in a rack in the back and cash be deposited to it all during the day. The CIT transporter collects and exchanges it in an end-to-end system. An optional rack for the SCL case can be mounted in the CIT vehicle.

ATMs contain large amounts of cash and are highly vulnerable to attempted robbery. Consequently, it is important to protect, intelligently and safely. This can be done with ink protection, gas security, tracking, etc. 


Gas explosion attacks on ATMs are an increasing problem. Our AntiGas-EX system protects people as well as buildings by rendering the gas harmless before it reaches an explosive volume.

In the event of an attempt of pull-out or drilling, our ATM controller's security and alarm features activate, neutralise the value of the bank notes in the ATM through ink-staining and prevent drawing of stained notes.

Instead of using weapons and armour to protect your cash against theft, we neutralise the value of bank notes by means of ink degradation. As for our other products, ergonomics and the environment were high on the agenda when we developed the system. We use the best components available, ensuring extremely high reliability, and the inks we use always have an environmental permit.


Our ink protection system InkSys-ATM is adapted to fit into the lid of standard ATM cassettes. Operation of ATM cassettes with InkSys-ATM is simple, in an intelligent and safe way - both while being deposited in the ATM and when inside it. The system is compatible with a range of extra security features. InkSys-ATM has no or very little effect on bank note capacity.

PB tracking enables you to monitor and follow the whereabouts of your assets, when and wherever you may need it.

PB Tracking

PB Tracking can be combined with all our solutions. Contact us for more information.

We develop and design cash-in-transit vehicles from A-Z, including a full range of monitoring, tracking and IBNS transport equipment. All systems are fully compatible with our other products to ensure the best and safest solution for end-to-end transport of your assets.

PB DropSafe system

With PB DropSafe deposit system mounted in the CIT vehicle and the PB CIT 2410 case you collect cash easily and safely. The case is filled in a safe area and dropped into the PB DropSafe in a closed circuit. PB CIT 2410 case can be used for several collections.


PB Locker system is adapted to the required number of ATM cassettes. The lockers are compatible with all known OEM ATM cassettes on the market. One PB Locker has a capacity of four to five cassettes and adds 100 % extra security to the cassettes when placed herein.

CIT case racks

We mount the requested number of racks for PB CIT 24XX cases in the CIT-vehicle. When placed in the rack, automatic and wireless communication of the defined security level as well as inductive charging are taking place - without use of external charger.

ATM-Trolley for crossing the pavement

Our ATM-Trolley, constructed taking accounts of the principles of ergonomics, offers safe and secure transport of up to five ATM cassettes from the ATM to the CIT Vehicle. Simple operation from the top and optional mounting on any stair climber.


We install any kind of monitoring equipment in CIT-vehicles, including video, alarm, tracking, CCTV, and real-time streaming of video.